Why Should I Participate in Research?

Your decision to participate in our research is an incredible way to take action in the fight against neurological diseases.  Every member of the Stern Lab lab brings their expertise, their enthusiasm, and their compassion to this important issue every day. We are a uniquely talented group of researchers but we cannot do this alone! Developing treatments and eventually  cures for Alzheimer's Disease, CTE and other neurological disorders takes volunteers like yourself. We are honored to take this journey with you!

Thoughts from some of our fans....


“It’s something that we don’t like to talk about as players because I think we’re afraid of what could happen to us years from now.  But what they were finding at Boston University was pretty eye-opening, so I wanted to do my part and help out. I think all of us as players should try to do whatever we can to help improve player safety for the guys who come after us.”
- Matt Birk, NFL All-Pro Center




"Something I hear very frequently from our participants is how much they appreciate knowing that they can taking concrete steps each year to ensure that we are continuing to learn more about CTE. In the face of a disease that can be so illusive, I think it gives people hope, and a sense of optimism to know that they are actively contributing to the cutting edge of CTE research"

-John Hayden, LEGEND Study Research Coordinator