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Concussion Across the Spectrum of Injury: The Latest Diagnosis and Management

Course Description: Concussion, also known as mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), is a very common condition in the United States, accounting for 80% of all traumatic brain injuries with as many as 3.8 million injuries occurring yearly from sport-related events alone. Although the vast majority of individuals with a single concussion recover within days to weeks, a significant minority develop long-term problems which collectively are known as post-concussion syndrome. Recent evidence suggests that repetitive concussions, which are commonly seen in professional sports, can be associated with progressive cognitive, psychiatric and motor degeneration, which has recently been termed chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Although rare, second-impact syndrome is a catastrophic condition that can occur in adolescents and children who sustain a second concussion prior to recovering from a previous injury, typically resulting in death or severe disability. The body of literature about concussion is constantly changing and expanding and an annual medical conference is the perfect avenue by which to update medical professionals about these changes. Physicians and clinicians are responsible for returning patients to school, play, work and all life activities and will benefit from updates that have been made in the literature over the past year. Clinicians will benefit from learning how to manage the sports and non-sports related concussion with many concussions occurring due to falls, motor vehicle accidents, assaults and military injuries. This full one-day course will include addressing clinical assessment and management, emerging neuroimaging technologies to study and better understand concussion, advances in blood and imaging biomarkers, rule changes in youth sports, concussion in the female athlete, advances in headache management, the role of neurocognitive testing in returning athletes to school and play, rehab treatment including assessment and treatment of cervical injuries, vestibular and vision problems in concussion, among other important topics in related to all concussion.

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